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CEBA – CrossMark Exclusive Buyers Agent

What a CEBA will tell you:

In a traditional home-buying real estate transaction, in many jurisdictions the real estate agents involved – even the agent assisting the buyer – are legally obligated to the seller. This is because a great many real estate agents work for brokerages known as dual agency brokerages, meaning that its agents accept listings on behalf of sellers and also represent buyers. Since many real estate agent fees are set as a percentage of the sales price, the natural incentive – for any agents involved in the transaction – is to get the highest price for the house and make the sale happen as soon as possible. For the most part, these are advantages for the seller.

Home Buying Questions

As a home buyer, there are many aspects of the sale that require an agent working solely on behalf of the buyer’s interest.

  • Are the agents involved showing all of the properties for sale that meet the buyer’s criteria – including For Sale By Owner homes, called FSBOs, that aren’t listed in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and often not considered by traditional agents?
  • Have all possible issues that might impact the sale-ability and the sales price been disclosed, such as liens, mechanics liens, potential plumbing and heating problems, and roof conditions? Who hired the appraiser which has established value?
  • Who hired the home inspector(s) who are certifying and rating the major components of the house, things like the foundation, the structure, the plumbing, the roof, the HVAC, the condition of the sewer, the sprinkler system and more?
  • Do local zoning regulations allow redevelopment or remodeling on the property, and with what restrictions?
  • And perhaps most importantly, who is assisting the buyer in finding and evaluating the various mortgage financing options available on the market today?

The Home Buyer’s Advocate

A real estate agent who is a member of The National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents (NAEBA) will answer all of these questions and more – and insure that each and every step in the home buying process is conducted with the full benefit to the buyer in mind. That’s because NAEBA agents work solely for the buyer, and never accept seller listings or represent sellers. NAEBA agents are highly trained in all aspects of real estate transactions, on the national and local area, and operate within the guidelines of NAEBA – including adhering to a strict code of conduct and ethical guidelines, rules for continuing education, and under the principles of NAEBA’s comprehensive Buyers Bill of Rights.

Buying Commercial Property

NAEBA agents throughout the country also have the expertise to assist individuals and businesses in the acquisition of commercial property – and, as always, make sure that the interests of the buyer, and the buyer alone, are always addressed. Business owners looking to expand with a new location, or to add a warehouse to their operation, or simply to find a new property for the business, can rest assured that with a NAEBA agent in their corner they will get the utmost in buyer-centric service.

Purchasing real estate in today’s market, whether for a primary residence, a second or vacation home, a retirement property, a rental income property, an investment property, or commercial property, is more complicated than ever before. Having an Exclusive Buyer Agent in one’s corner brings buyers the peace of mind that their interests, and only their interests, have been cared for throughout the entire process, from the property search, to inspection and negotiation, through to a successful and satisfying closing.

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